Joey Sr. likes Asian girls... but we don't like him

Last year I saw an episode of "Joey," the "Friends" spin off, in which Joey the actor is excited that he'll be interviewed by People magazine. He says to his agent: "Wow, People magazine. My mom is gonna be so excited. If you just get me into Playboy with an Asian on the cover, my dad can read about me too!" (Episode title: Joey and the Valentine's Date).

Then last night, I saw (and you wonder why I would still watch this show) another episode, "Joey and the Dad." His friend Alex is upset with Joey's father, who's visiting from New York.

Joey wonders why she's unhappy (yes, Alex is a she -- an attractive woman), and says: "I get it; you are insulted because he didn't make a pass at you. All right, well, if you want him to, just throw on a geisha outfit; he's got this Asian thing."

And a big laugh. I just don't get this... how is this funny? Somebody said this is a way to portray his dad as pathetic, ignorant and insensitive. On whose expense?






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