My first iPod


I got an iShuffle for my birthday. It's my first Mac--I mean the first Apple product I came to own. This is a big deal for me. I'm the least musical person I know. I can totally live without music. I own 10 CDs, and half of them have been given to me.

I've tried a Walkman -- both for tapes and CDs -- long before, thinking that I cannot be that non-musical. This society pressures people like me into thinking that. People say, "no music, no life." All these ads featuring cool gadgets for music lovers are as damaging to the self-image of non-music lovers as waif-thin super model depicted as the ultimate beauty to the self-esteem of chubby teenage girls. Make us think there's something wrong with us.

As an easily manipulated, insecure human being, once in a while I get defensive about my non-musicalness. It's not about my genes; everybody in my family loves playing some musical instrument or singing. One of my sisters is married to a professional classical singer.

Besides, Walksmans just didn't work. I couldn't understand how anybody could keep listening to the same tape or a CD for the length of their long Japanese commute? And there isn't any room on the train to let one move their hands to change the tapes.

Apparently iPods solved that problem. I still wasn't that keen, and not for the lack of information. As you can see in the photo, my husband owns three of those in the iPod family, and has been singing the praise. (Actually he added the iShuffle to his own collection when he gave me one, too. He thought it would be a perfect excuse to buy another.)

Anyway this is the day 3 for me as an iShuffle owner, and... I'm smitten. Of course, my pervious experiment with a Walkman didn't last loner than a week. But this afternoon I'm going to the gym, and will finally be one of those cool people.

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