Polite Japanese bloggers

I've been wondering if there's such a thing as characteristics of Japanese bloggers. I wrote about how competitive Japanese bloggers are when it comes to getting PVs (page views) to their sites. Then I read an interview with Mena Trott, of the Movable Type fame, in the May 30 issue of Aera magazine. She says our blogs reflect the US-Japan cultural differences.

For example, says Trott, American blogs are about long political commentaries while many Japanese bloggers tend to post just one photo and a brief statement about it. It's a bit of a generalization, but the other thing she notices is the Japanese love for trackbacks (which let a blogger link his or her posting to another blog with similar contents).

This is true. I was surprised, while researching the column called "Blogging as a Blood Sport," that American blogs scarcely featured trackbacks. A great majority of Japanese bloggers do; I thought blogs always came with trackbacks. She says the Japanese practice (a blogger who got trackbacked is supposed to return the favor -- if it's considered a favor -- by trackbacking the original blog) is very unique to us. Thinks we are polite. Well, we are a polite bunch, sure, but trackbacks are the easiest way to boost PVs, too...

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