The Perfect T shirt

A nice warm day, and no deadline creeping up on me. So I set out to rearrange my closet, and reluctantly counted white short-sleeved T shirts in it. I have 26 of them. My life, for the last three years, has been a journey in search of the perfect white short-sleeved shirt. I have a Uniqlo shirt for which I paid Yen 500. A great value, but still. I have a few from Banana Republic, Ann Taylor, DKNY, Miyake, and a bunch of others. I tried several three dots shirts, which are supposed to be the best shirts ever, and each of them cost me over Yen 6,000. They are well-constructed, but after a few washes they get kind of droopy.

My obsession started when I read in a mag--was it O, the Oprah mag, or Real Simple?--about this professional woman who has dozens of the same white T shirts. She wears a different pantsuit over it every day. The system freed her from an "I-have-nothing-to-wear" panic in the morning, and she always looks put-together. It impressed me enough to make me run to the store. I can't remember what it was--maybe agnes b. I paid good money for their shirt, but this woman's perfect shirt wasn't perfect for me.

When my friend Masako told me about this shop, which carries perfect white shirts in Kichijoji, again I ran. Only to be told that they sell short-sleeved tees only in summer. I literally screamed in the store: "But why?" The sales clerk pretended I wasn't there.

Now I hear Horiemon's T shirts come from Louis Vuitton. That's one place I haven't shopped for a white shirt. Louis Vuitton T shirts... maybe it's an oxymoron, but should I try that? To save myself from the panic of having nothing to wear in the morning.

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