Shopping for a Mac (4): A Kernel Panic

Okay, it had been three weeks since I got myself a 20-inch iMac as a birthday gift for myself. I was done moving data from my old Dell desktop, which I still kept on the bookshelf next to my desk, just in case. I had barely touched it, though, since the arrival of the iMac and I was getting tired of the sight of an ugly black box and numerous cords sticking out of it collecting dust. What should I do with the old computer? Should I get rid of it in light of the price of real estate it occupies (though it's been quickly dropping), or should I hold onto it until I am 100 percent sure about than my new iMac?

Then two things happened.

Earlier in the week, we had heavy thunderstorms in our neighborhood, and lightening struck alarmingly close to our home. We checked all the appliances right away, and discovered one of the air conditioners and a hot water supply machine had stopped working properly. And my old Dell. It had been dying a slow death for some time (that was why I bought an iMac to begin with), and I wasn't unhappy that I no longer needed to debate what to do with it.

"I'm so glad it's the Dell," I told a friend. "I would have been devastated if it was the iMac."

Talk about speaking too soon.

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Shopping for a Mac: A Journey (3)

I bought it. Ordered it on the Biccamera online (because I'm a slave to their point system) and it arrived three days later – “it” being a sleek, all-in-one ''20 display. As with any previous big decisions in my life, in the end, it was anti-climatic. I like shopping, and if a question is whether or not to buy something, I always opt for buying it.

And even when I was wondering if I wanted to become a Mac user, I knew I would have no choice. It has become more about whether I was willing to ditch something I'd been dependent on for a long time (Palm) than if I wanted to convert to Mac computers. And the answer was obvious. I wasn't going to be that royal to a dying platform.

Two weeks later, I'm happy to report that transition has been pretty smooth. Lots of people say that these days you can do everything you do on Windows on a Mac as well, but I'm still impressed with its ease of use. I took out the display, keyboard and mouse out of the box, plugged it in, and connected them with each other, and that was it. Within minutes, I was checking e-mails. (I know it would have taken longer if our house wasn't entirely wired for WiFi.)

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