Shopping for a Mac: A Journey (2)

Okay, a decision is made. Now I've got to figure out the most painless transition. I've been told that a Mac-Windows move used to be difficult and a new Mac convert had to give up all the old data -- e-mails, Word and Excel files, address book and schedule items.

Not any more, asserts lots of recent Mac converts and the book titled "Mac Bible for Windows Users" (subtitle: "Answering your questions and clearing up your concerns") as well as Apple. On the company's snappy webpage titled "Why your next PC should be a Mac," where they give "It's gorgeous. Inside and out" as the top reason to buy a Mac, they tell me:

"(T)he easiest way is to let us do it. If you buy a Mac at an Apple Retail Store and bring in your old Mac or PC, a Genius can move all your files for you. Or you can use a USB or FireWire hard drive or a local network to transfer photos, music, documents, and more."

The Japanese Apple site has a tutorial video on how to do all that by yourself. Does make it look easy, but I'm still unsure. It doesn't show me a step-by-step process of how to move stuff on the applications I use -- Word documents, Eudora e-mails, and "Notes" items on Palm Desktop.

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Shopping for a Mac: A Journey (1)

I'm in need of a new computer. And for the first time in life, I may have to go for a Mac.

My computer broke down. It's a Dell desktop -- a black, cheap, no-frills and no-fun box I bought in 2003. As a woman who gets a lot of thrills out of shopping, I found the experience of getting this computer as disappointingly underwhelming as buying bread at a neighborhood baker. It was no different than shopping for a vacuum cleaner. You buy one of those appliances because you need it, not because you love its unique feature or adore the cool design. You'll get the same performance no matter whether you go with a Toshiba or a Sanyo. I could have bought a HP, a Sony, or a Fujitsu, or Matsushita computer; all sported Windows XP and many useless applications. I ended up with a Dell because it was easy to order online and was inexpensive.

I haven't since given much thought to what's happening in the computer market. I knew a new Microsoft OS -- Vista, right? -- has come out. But I had no reason to pay attention -- until my Dell began to slow down (and freeze at least daily) a month ago. Even then I thought I'd buy another box, probably another Dell. They have been sending me promotional e-mail newsletters, which for five years I deleted without ever opening. Now let's see.

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