Cool Biz. It's So Cool. Not.

(this article first appeared in the august 22, 2005 issue of newsweek international)

For Japanese salarymen, it's a fashion revolution. Just check out Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi's cabinet meetings. Lately they're looking like a late-night card game among old-timers at a country club, with ministers forsaking their ties, donning casual shirts -- and looking mighty uncomfortable.

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Dreamer's House: The art of living and the art of collecting find a perfection in the home of Daisuke Miyatsu


dream house (2004)
designed by dominique gonzalez-foerster
courtesy of daisuke miyatsu

(this article first appeared in the may 2005 issue of Art + Auction magazine.)

Cab drivers familiar with the sleepy Shimosa Nakayama neighborhood of Chiba, just outside Tokyo, know "that pink house." It's really just half pink but distinctive nonetheless, surrounded by gray and brown traditional Japanese buildings. The color alone isn't what had the cabbies buzzing for the past year or so. "We drive fashionable people from Tokyo and even foreigners there," says one. "What is it?"

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