My first iPod


I got an iShuffle for my birthday. It's my first Mac--I mean the first Apple product I came to own. This is a big deal for me. I'm the least musical person I know. I can totally live without music. I own 10 CDs, and half of them have been given to me.

I've tried a Walkman -- both for tapes and CDs -- long before, thinking that I cannot be that non-musical. This society pressures people like me into thinking that. People say, "no music, no life." All these ads featuring cool gadgets for music lovers are as damaging to the self-image of non-music lovers as waif-thin super model depicted as the ultimate beauty to the self-esteem of chubby teenage girls. Make us think there's something wrong with us.

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Is your Mac Jealous?

There are six or seven computers in our house. Two of them (a Dell desktop for serious work and a lightweight Sharp laptop for traveling) are mine. The rest - all of them Macs -- belongs to my husband. I'd long wondered why he hangs on to the computers that no longer work properly - until I read about "the jealous Mac" phenomenon in the February 14 issue of Aera magazine.

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A Phone with Hello! Kitty Chains

Finally. My husband, a.k.a. the only human being over 12 in Tokyo without a cell phone, came to his senses. He's shopping for a keitai. He always claimed that despite his profession (a journalist) which one would think requires being well-connected in many different ways, he never needed one. There are such things as pay phones -- and he can always check massages on his answering service from outside.

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The Perfect T shirt

A nice warm day, and no deadline creeping up on me. So I set out to rearrange my closet, and reluctantly counted white short-sleeved T shirts in it. I have 26 of them. My life, for the last three years, has been a journey in search of the perfect white short-sleeved shirt. I have a Uniqlo shirt for which I paid Yen 500. A great value, but still. I have a few from Banana Republic, Ann Taylor, DKNY, Miyake, and a bunch of others. I tried several three dots shirts, which are supposed to be the best shirts ever, and each of them cost me over Yen 6,000. They are well-constructed, but after a few washes they get kind of droopy.

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